#PALET-OF-THE-HANDLE – advantages

The use of cantilever racks significantly improves the work of a warehouse at every stage. Their use affects the safety and speed of the process of receiving goods, and excludes material losses that may arise when storing resources in another way. Below are several advantages of this solution.



Thanks to the use of pallets, it is possible to store diversified loads, both in terms of dimensions and weight.


Purchase cost

Regały paletowe rzędowe są jednym z najtańszych rozwiązań składowania towarów na magazynie w porównaniu z innymi systemami regałowymi. Duża popularność oraz dostępność towarów używanych znacznie obniża koszt zakupu.


Inline pallet racking is one of the cheapest solutions for storing goods in a warehouse compared to other racking systems. High popularity and availability of used goods significantly reduces the cost of purchase.


Direct access

Direct access to each stored unit.


Can be adapted
to any space

Cantilever rack can be used to store long, heavy, oversized items. Perfect for storing bulky items such as lumber, pipes, carpets and cars, sheet metal, furniture boards.


installation possible
na zewnątrz

The use of hot-dip galvanized materials protects against adverse weather conditions (hail, snow, rain, etc.).


Ability to pick general cargo
and non-palletized goods

Thanks to an appropriate arrangement of space, the use of fillings of rack levels we have the possibility of storing general cargo in cartons and other non-palletized elements.

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