SHELF RACKS – advantages

Shelving racks have many advantages, including ease of assembly and handling. Shelving can easily be adapted to the needs of the industry, and both the width and the distance between shelves can be customized to suit individual needs. In addition to the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the industry, shelving is also one of the cheapest solutions, so this solution is very popular. For more advantages of this solution, see the article below.


Flexible use
  • Possibility of changing the height of goods
  • No need to anchor the racks in most cases
  • Minimum number of components ensures rapid assembly and conversion


Low purchase cost

Shelf racks are one of the cheapest storage solutions when compared to other racking systems. The high popularity and availability of second-hand goods significantly reduces the cost of purchase.


Direct access

Convenient and direct access to stored goods, including the possibility of complimenting goods on both sides

Wygodny i bezpośredni dostęp do składowanych towarów, w tym możliwość obustronnej komplementacji towarów.


Possibility of building
in mezzanine floors for storage

On top of the shelving racks, it is possible to build multi-level storage systems, known as mezzanine floors, which provide additional storage space without the need for additional structures.


High resistance
to damage

Most of the shelf racks available on the market are made of galvanized steel, which guarantees increased resistance to damage.


Wide range
of accessories

A multitude of accessories such as separators, hangers, shelf fillers, drawers and stops make it possible to meet the requirements of any industry.


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